Zelda Endings

If you’ve ever completed a Zelda game you know how annoying the endings are. If you haven’t, I’m not sure why you’re reading my blog, it’s all I really talk about. For those of you who do not have an adventurous spirit, Zelda games end just like any other adventure game (good triumphs over evil, the protagonist gets the girl, light is usually restored to a presently dark world etc) with one exception: your progress is not saved. You defeat the bad guy named Ganon, you watch a few cut scenes, some credits scroll by and “The End” appears on the screen. You are left pressing buttons and then pressing them harder in hopes that it will trigger something. But nothing happens. It’s at about that moment that I google a few search terms like “how to save end link past” only to confirm what I already know: YOU CAN’T SAVE. It just pains me to turn the system off knowing that the next time I turn it back on Ganon will still wield the Triforce of power and rule the Dark World. I guess it wouldn’t make sense to continue playing if there were no antagonist causing problems though…so I get it. It just bugs me.

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