TIL how to hide dot files in FileZilla

Today I learned how to hide dot files (hidden files on a Mac) in FileZilla, thanks to Satya at Web Scripting. Hidden files have always annoyed me but I never had a good reason to get rid of them until I started using git. Git creates a hidden folder called .git as a repository in the folder you want to track. If you don’t want to have to remember to deselect this folder when you’re ready to upload your site (or if you don’t like seeing those .DS_Store files) the following will help:

  1. Open FileZilla and click “View” and then “Filename filters…”
  2. Click the button on the bottom called “Edit filter rules…”
  3. Click “New” and type in a name like “Hidden Files”
  4. Then change the condition to say “Filename” “begins with” “.”
  5. Press OK, the new filter should be already be checked. Decide whether you want it applied to the remote site as well, if you do, check the box next to the filter you just made in the right hand column.
  6. Click “Apply”

Now any hidden files/folders in a folder that you drag to a remote site won’t be transferred.

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