The Zelda Conundrum

Turtle Rock: the seventh dungeon of the Dark World and currently my Zelda Conundrum.

It happens now and then in a Zelda game as it happens every so often in life. You’ve cleared every room, used every key, searched the walls for cracks, pulled every statue and charged into every conceivable object that could be hiding a secret. Still, the way to go is unclear, the key to unlock the next door is nowhere to be found.

I have found that this is usually due to a narrow field of view, a fixation on an idea of how the world is (or how one believes it to be). That fixation leads us to overlook something vitally important to our goal; or perhaps we see it, but dismiss it as unimportant because we have self inflicted scales on our eyes. It is then that a change in perspective, a shift in paradigm is needed if we are to overcome. Throw away what you once thought was impossible and embrace the unlikely. Clear your mind and look at it anew through the eyes of a different person. Don’t resort to believing that you just didn’t do something fast enough or hit something hard enough, that is rarely the answer. These conundrums are solved with intellect, not braun. Often it helps to give it a rest for a day or so to acquire the change in perspective. Whatever you do DON’T ASK THE INTERNET. It knows. And you will regret it for the rest of your life having forfeited the opportunity to solve it yourself.

So here I write unabashedly admitting that I haven’t a clue what to do next, while knowing, once I successfully “unlearn what I have learned”, I will prevail AND KICK THAT SON OF A BITCH GANONDORF’S ASS!

***UPDATE: It was a block. Leave no block un-pushed or pulled!!!***

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