I don’t know what it is about me, but I get the flu just about every year. This year it came over me more slowly but is now in full effect. I lumbered out of bed around 10:00 this morning after having thought about getting up for over an hour. I’m like that when I have the flu, I think about doing something, then an hour later, I do it, I guess because I don’t feel like moving. I turned the TV on not knowing what to expect on a Sunday morning but fairly confident that it would be barren and wasteland-like. Bigfoot. I watched an entire documentary on Bigfoot. I thought about changing the channel from the very beginning but like I said, the flu slows even my button pressing fingers down. What really confuses me is that I watched the next Bigfoot documentary that followed. I even remember seeing parts of this one before but my flu burdened mind suggested it was worthwhile programming. I got up, ate some ramen. I noticed a half-eaten Kit-Kat bar in the fridge. I don’t think chocolate is bad for you when your sick. I mean, it certainly doesn’t help you, but if you’re not barfing, I’m sure it doesn’t harm you. Now I’m back on the couch in front of the TV. This time I decide to turn on the AppleTV. I search Netflix for “NASA” remembering the “When We Left Earth” series that I had watched and loved. Next, “space”. I almost started watching Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) out of sheer intrigue but I was able to see through the flu induced fog in my brain. Star Trek also came up in the search for “space”. I’m an avid Captain Picard fan but have yet to see an Original Series episode. I decided to give it a try; I usually like old tried and true movies if not just for their dated comedic value. I started from the beginning with the pilot episode “The Cage”. To my surprise, Captain Kirk was nowhere to be found. Instead, the captains role was played by some other guy named Pike. He seemed good enough though, having never seen an Original Series episode, I never developed a loyalty for Kirk. The plot of the first show revolved around these alien dudes who have these pulsating heads that look like butts which supposedly carry a brain 3 times larger than humans. They are telepathic and are mind controlling this one chick (who by the way, is a total babe) into wooing Capt. Pike to stay on the planet forever and start a new colony. Oh, and these aliens can project “incredibly lifelike illusions” so while Pike is being held prisoner, one moment he is at this renaissance-esque castle, the next, having a picnic in a park. I think the whole point was to get Pike to fall in love with this chick. Anyway, in the end they get off the planet and it turns out the chick was actually an ugly old hag and the aliens were just making everyone think she was hot. Afterwards, I looked up why Kirk wasn’t in the pilot episode. Whatever the reason, Pike didn’t want to continue with the show, so Kirk makes his cameo in the second episode (actually, technically, I guess this was episode 1 since the pilot is episode “0”). I decided I didn’t really get the full Original Series experience since Kirk wasn’t in it. I proceeded to watch the next episode, “The Man Trap”. Can I just say, these early episodes were strangely centered around deceptive hot alien women. Is this what they’re all about? I could get used to this. Right off the bat, this episode looks years ahead of the pilot episode. There seemed to be a much bigger set, and the CGI’s were fairly believable. Well, some of them were. I don’t know why they can make a ship orbiting a planet look so real but they literally use a freeze frame of a hand with gun when they need to do the phaser effect. Anyway, this episode was about an alien who needed salt to survive and would shapeshift into different people, lure its prey away from others and then use its sucker fingers to draw all the salt from their body. Needless to say, it shifted into a 1960’s hottie when it needed to. In the end, “Bones”, the Enterprise’s doctor, had to kill the alien when it happened to look like one of his old girlfriends. Very traumatic. Highlights of this episode were an animal like flower plant in Sulu’s lab, out-of-focus camera shots that I guess were “good enough”, and about 10 wasted lives which goes to show if you’re not Kirk, Spock, Bones, or Sulu you’re expendable.

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  • Joel says:

    A fun recount of your flu-day. Sounds so familar! I too seem to get the flu every year, usually right after Thanksgiving (regardless of whether I get a flu shot or not).

    I am in awe that you have successfully managed to avoid The Original Series until now! As a first time watcher I think you pegged many of the attributes of the Show well. Watch on, there are many interesting story lines to come.

    • wetjosh says:

      You know, I don’t think the Original Series got as much replay during the 90’s when I was into Star Trek. And you know what else? I couldn’t believe the Original Series only lasted 3 seasons!?! Who was the blind executive that cancelled it?!

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  • Evan sizemore says:

    Nice podcast. Keep it comin
    Topic suggestions: skyrim, neurology, stumble upon( you could go on to stumble upon or tumblr and take topics from there)

    • wetjosh says:

      Hey thanks for the complements! Stumble upon is a good idea for one of those weeks where we have no idea what we’re gonna talk about (which is more than you might think). Skyrim on the other hand…man I tried, I really did. But I haven’t put that game back in my xbox since the day I bought it. I need to give it another try, I haven’t even killed a dragon yet, but truth be told, 3 days later, I bought Skyward Sword on the Wii and haven’t put it down yet! What do you think about Zelda games? Which have you played (if any)? I’ll tell you what, during Christmas vacation, I promise I’ll give skyrim another shot.

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