South Bay Nut Diet

Tired of paying outrageous amounts of your paycheck on lunch? Do you loath the food options at your place of employment? Does a heavy lunch put you to sleep around 2:30? If your answer was yes to any or all of these questions, my new South Bay Nut Diet may be for you!

The South Bay Nut Diet consists of 3 easy steps, 1) Eat a hearty breakfast. This can include omelettes, Eggo waffles, granola cereal or any other breakfast food that is more than just a bite. 2) Snack on only nuts between breakfast and dinner. I have a bag of almonds and a bag of walnuts that I rotate daily. I eat a handful during my first break, two handfuls during lunch, and another during my last break. 3) Pig out for dinner. There are no restrictions. Eat what you like.

Obviously this is not a weight loss diet. I really started doing it to save money and to see if I wouldn’t be so tired after lunch. Of course, lethargy depends on a lot of other factors as well, mainly how much sleep I get the night before, but I have noticed a general increase in alertness after self experimentation with the SBND. I don’t think anyone would argue with me that the average lunch in the South Bay costs around $7. That means I spend $35 a week and $70 a paycheck on addictive, unhealthy, coma-invoking, crap for lunch. And some of that food literally is crap (Panda Express and McDonalds to name a few). Whereas my two bags of nuts, which last me two whole weeks, cost under $10. Do the math, and join me in the SBND revolution.

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