Pearl Jam 20

I went downtown with some friends the other night to a screening of the new Pearl Jam documentary, PJ20. As luck would have it the air conditioning broke in the theatre so by the time the movie was over we were sweating like we had just been to a Pearl Jam concert. Overall the movie was top notch. I learned a lot about a band I thought I knew pretty well. I didn’t know they didn’t have a consistent drummer for the first few albums. I didn’t know Eddie met his father unknowingly a few times before he died. I didn’t know Eddie also liked to climb the lighting supports and stage dive into the crowd. And I had forgotten Pearl Jam took on Ticketmaster back in the day.

This reminds me of my favorite rockumentary of all time: Jimi Hendrix. The cool thing about this film is they’ll show him playing full songs at various concerts. PJ20 seemed to only show snippets every now and then and someone was always kind of talking over them. Maybe I should just buy the soundtrack: 29 tracks of live recording goodness. Anyway, if you consider yourself even a casual Pearl Jam fan, you owe it to yourself to see this movie. Hop on it cause it will only be in select theaters for a week or so.

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