Somehow a month went by without me posting anything. It probably has something to do with how busy I’ve been at work and the fact that I just got over an illness. But I’ve blogged when I was sick before so that’s not a good excuse.

So much has happened since I last posted I don’t know where to begin.

I got some Legos. Turns out every now and then the Lego Store puts Grab Bags on sale for  $8. I told my buddy who is a member of the Bay Area Lego User Group the next time he sees them on sale to pick me up a bag. So the day he handed me the bag-o-fun I took my own trip to the store and picked up another one. So now I have a bunch of random Legos but still no bucket. I built a corral of sorts with some of the longer pieces I got to keep them all together on my desk. But they can’t stay there forever. Bottom line: I love Legos. It was like a stroll through memory lane opening up those two bags.

I filmed a video podcast. That’s right, No Format Episode 28 is in video! Jason and I were really happy with the way it turned out. We each used our DSLR cameras mounted on tripods and one other camera (in my case my iPhone) giving us four camera angles in total to cut back and forth between. Reluctantly, we decided Jason would do the editing as I do most of the editing for the audio podcasts and his computer is orders of magnitude faster than mine. Because we were using our DSLRs we were only able to capture 11 minutes of video before our cameras decided they were too hot. We thought that would tie in quite nicely with how we were doing things currently (no intro music and starting the podcast mid-thought).

I bought a new lens. The core of my imaging system in now complete. I had meant to purchase my 60D and 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 at the same time but life happened and my finances ran short at the time. I ended up finding a used one on craigslist that I got for a great price. I can finally take a breath and relax as any other accessory that I may buy for my system will amount to chump change compared to the body and lens. As for my thoughts on the lens, albeit a tad slow it has an outstanding focal range and image stabilization that goes a long way in photos and especially video.

Danielle was promoted to bartender. “Was” as in literally 5 minutes ago she sent me a text in all caps which read “i got it”. Bar tending means better shifts and of course mo money and for me it means I’ll always have a seat at the bar with my name on it for lunch. That last part is probably not true but I’d like to think it will be.

And that my friends is last month in a nutshell.

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