No Format, Episode 8

We’re back on track with a very special episode of No Format! This time we invite our friend Jeremy Commandeur on the show so he can school us in some Trek facts. Sorry, we didn’t announce what we were going to watch during the last episode (we forgot to do a lot of things in the last episode…) but if you’d like, you could prepare yourself by watching The Best of Both Worlds, Parts 1 &2, Star Trek, The Next Generation. Leave your popped collar and chinos at home cause we nerd out pretty bad in this one. Also, remember the gravity question we asked in Episode 6? We got an answer. And you won’t believe it, we made it through this episode with out having to bleep anything Jason says!

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3 thoughts on “No Format, Episode 8

  • Joel says:

    Either I am a real geek or you and Jason have real chemistry (probably both) but I really enjoy your podcast. I was trying to think of some clever quote to write that you could use like “Not since Seinfeld has a show about nothing been so entertaining”, but really, I think the combination of yours and Jason’s wit and timing, the open topics, even the non-traditional non-openings and endings contribute to the charm of the show. On many cases I’d wish I was listening live so I could join in the conversation (though I’m not a Starcraft gamer I was transfixed with you discussion of the best french fries). Keep it up and keep it loose! I look forward to future installments.

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