No Format, Episode 4

Are you ready to learn about Wetenkamp family folklore, century old dead dudes, and free baby grand pianos? This week’s episode discusses those topics and more. I really hope this is not your first episode of No Format, cause it’s not our best…hang in there and we’ll be sure to entertain you next week as we continue to follow our motto of absolutely no ground rules. In fact, next week we will probably stake out a plot in the vast wasteland that is the iTunes directory, but for now try streaming Episode 4 right from the browser of your computer or, better yet, your mobile phone. If you don’t want to depend on the airwaves, try control clicking (right clicking on a PC) the link below and download it.

Click here to listen!

We’ve also included an Advanced AAC version if you’re feeling dangerous. Click here to listen and see pictures!┬áLet us know how it went in the comments.

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