No Format, Ep. 7

I’m gonna tell you right now, this was a train wreck. A conceptually good idea, gone bad. Real bad. So bad I’m not going to describe what happens. Hopefully this intrigues you to listen to it, but be warned, I told you it was bad. And it’s not one of those,”he’s telling us it’s bad, but in the end, it will be so bad it’s funny”, sort of things. It’s just an all around bad episode. The one good thing we get around to talking about is the bestest fast food restaurant in the world. Hope you enjoy. And believe me, we’ll be back on track next week. Thanks again to our listeners, and hey, do us a favor and spread the word by leaving a review in iTunes. We’d really appreciate it!

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2 thoughts on “No Format, Ep. 7

  • Toni Hansen says:

    Am I the only one who isn’t crazy about McDonald’s fries?
    And McDonald’s chicken nuggets are terrible, it’s all about the Wendy’s ones (though Denise is right, their constant fry changes annoy me).

    • wetjosh says:

      Uh, yeah, I guess you are the only one. McDonalds has scientifically perfected the french fry. If I were given the choice between In-N-Out fries and McDonalds though, I’d choose INO every time. There’s just something about INO fries that make me feel good about eating them. Maybe cause you can see them dice and fry ’em right in front of you.
      Chicken nuggets are gross though. I prefer strips.

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