No Format, Ep. 6

If you listened to us last week then hopefully you joined us in watching The Godfather, Part I. If you didn’t listen to us last week, chances are, given you aren’t Jason Hayes, you’ve probably already seen it. Have a listen to this episode to hear our impressions of the classic mafia flick. We also contemplate a classic physics problem and enlist the help of a celebrity amongst space nerds. Choose your method of delivery below.


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6 thoughts on “No Format, Ep. 6

  • Toni Hansen says:

    Did you actually send an email to us? Because I didn’t get it.

  • Andrew Eller says:

    So… Pretty sure Jason got some of that BCC handling wrong.
    He said that if the email is addressed to Ty and BCC’d to others, that others would see that Undisclosed Recipients were included in the email. I believe that is incorrect. The only time anyone sees ‘Undisclosed Recipients’ is if there is no one in the To or CC fields. If there is an email address in the To or CC fields, all recipients see those addresses but do not see ‘Undisclosed Recipients’.

  • Danielle says:

    To weigh in on the comic book dispute without sounding too nerdy: the term comics refer to the mixed medium of visual and verbal elements to communicate a story; so Calvin and Hobbes does qualify as a comic. What Josh is referring to are more often called graphic novels these days (ala The Walking Dead, the X-Men, Iron Man, etc) because they are installments of a larger, contiguous story which arcs over decades in some cases. It is fine to also call these comics as they have been referred to as such for decades, but they are not the only form of comics, so Jason is correct in stating that he owns a comic because he owns a Calvin and Hobbes compendium.

    On the Godfather: it is an awesome movie; it is long, but it’s a well directed, well acted, well written film. Yes Sonny says “bada bing, bada boom” and there’s some silly “italian” things like that but those things don’t detract from the overall film quality. People who feel there are slow parts aren’t realizing that every scene is essential to the main story line. All the stuff with Michael in Sicily is necessary to understand how Michael changes into the cold hearted bastard who stands godfather to Connie’s baby and has her husband killed like the next day (or the same day?)
    Mario Puzo’s story developed into a great screenplay, Coppola did such a good job directing and editing, James Caan is great as Santino; Al Pacino is excellent at transforming Michael from a disconnected son to the head of the biggest crime family in New York, Robert Duvall is excellent as the Tom Hagan, and Marlon Brando IS Vito Corleone; no one could be replaced in the film without drastically changing the quality; even Freddo is perfect as the useless eldest son who’s passed up by his younger brothers. These are essentially horrible, violent, criminal people but you want them to prevail.

    Part two is good, and part three seriously shouldn’t even be considered part of the same film franchise. But there is nothing wrong with part one. nothing. Even the ending to that movie is so simple but SO perfect.

    PS the “fat guy” is Carmezza; if you get into a car with him(especially after failing to protect the family), you are going to die.

    • wetjosh says:

      I agree. Every scene is so good and completely necessary. It is basically a perfect movie and Rotten Tomatoes agrees with me. I also really liked (and this was the main plot of the movie) Michael’s rise to a cold hearted bastard of a godfather. Jason definitely loses at least 10 points for his LAME-O taste in movies.

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