No Format, Episode 3

If you thought last week’s episode was boring, get ready for another doosey. This week Jason and Josh discuss things like the greatest video game ever made, how to have fun on the inter webs, and a certain monetary vice Jason picked up working at the grocery store. Feel free to tell us what you think about the podcast and how we should learn to plan ahead. Also, did you know you can click the link below and stream the podcast on your phone? Try it!

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11 thoughts on “No Format, Episode 3

  • Andrew Eller says:

    About time ;)
    Now I can go to sleep. Gonna listen to this on my way in to work tomorrow.

  • Andrew Eller says:

    Have you ever asked a dollar tree employee for a price check?

  • Toni Hansen says:

    Dude. You guys talk about Zelda and Harry Potter, and you don’t even ask me to guest star. Here’s everything I could have contributed had I been part of this conversation. I don’t know who actually will sit through and read this, but then who actually listens to your podcast anyway? Just kidding :)

    -I’ve always said “oh-ka-ree-na.” I guess “ah-ka-ree-na” is right but it’s weird to me. “Ah-ka-rye-na” just sounds bad.

    -I 100% agree that OoT is the best game ever. I love the controls and Z-Targeting. I frickin’ love the N64 controller in general. I’m making my husband play it right now because he never has, and we have my old N64 so he’s playing it for “real,” not on the GameCube or anything. Anyway, he just beat the Water Temple, and he hates it. He’s never really played 3D games before in general, though. He much preferred A Link to the Past (I made him play that one, too). He hates the camera angles and he has a hard time getting control of the Z-targeting. He won’t play unless I’m sitting there next to him telling him what to do. It makes me wonder how he would do if he had to pick up everything and learn the map and stuff on his own. I think he would get the hang of it a lot better, but he won’t even turn the game on on his own. Side-scrollers are much more his thing. I’ve never played the Adventure of Link, but maybe he should play that one next, haha. I have it for GameBoy.

    -I get at least three bottles every time I play, as soon as I can. There’s actually a glitch in the game that lets you turn any item into a bottle, so you could potentially have like twenty bottles, but I forget how it works. I read it once but I’ve never done it.

    -I’ve probably beaten the game like eight times…and have played the first three-quarters probably like thirty. We used to rent it from Hollywood or whatever before we bought it, back in the day before memory cards. I think you’re right, the game kind of is in a lull during the Shadow Temple (and the WELL! I hate the WELL!), and then gets good again when you go to the Desert Colossus.

    -Epona’s not necessary, unless you want to shoot the arrows at the targets (and get the Ice Arrows) at the Gerudo training grounds. I always get her though, because it’s just fun. Plus I like racing Ingo (Luigi). You can get Epona any time you’re an adult (you CAN’T get her as a kid), but you can only get Epona’s song as a kid if you haven’t got that already. I don’t think anyone’s going to tell you to go get her, so if you’re waiting for that, you’ll beat the game first.

    – Other Zelda games I’ve played: The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past (beaten), Majora’s Mask, a tiny bit of Oracle of Seasons & Ages, Wind Waker (I don’t have this one anymore and I never beat it, it’s on my wish-list), Four Swords, Minish Cap (beaten), Twilight Princess (beaten), Phantom Hourglass (beaten), Spirit Tracks (beaten), Link’s Crossbow Training (but I don’t know if that really counts), and I have my copy of Skyward Sword reserved at GameStop. Boo-yah.

    -If you think I talk a lot about Zelda, don’t even get me started on Harry Potter. Harry marries Ginny, Draco marries some dark haired chick we’ve never heard of before, Luna marries Neville. Josh, when you said “who are these people?” my first response was “obviously people who’ve never read Harry Potter!” Then I realized you were talking about the actual people in the search, not the people who did the searches :(

    Do you see the wealth of knowledge that I am? Hahaha. I really like your guys’ podcast; I miss everyone from work. Just as a side question/note: Do you guys video chat on your computers when you’re doing this? Josh’s volume is much louder than Jason’s, I was listening to it on my way to and from school this morning and kept having to adjust my volume. Just so you guys know.

  • Toni Hansen says:

    I’m going to make my husband listen to it when he gets home and see what he says.

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