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For the past 12 years the Red Hot Chili Peppers havn not let me down. Their new album, I’m With You, continues to not dissapoint. In fact, it is every bit as good as Californication through Stadium Arcadium. I feel like you could catagorize these last 4 albums as RHCP 2.0 as they take on a different style than the preceeding albums.

You should not hesitate to buy this album. I don’t usually sit down at my desk and listen to a new album all the way through, but I was really excited about this one so that is exactly what I did (with an intermission at track 7). The first song actually reminds me of the first track of By The Way (I think it’s the vocal effects). It’s an ok track but it gets much better. Brendan’s Death Song is a crescendoing acoustic delight. Look Around = Amazing. And, of course, The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie treat your ears to some of the most well placed cow bell music has to offer.


The rest of the album for me was dominated by Police Station and Meet Me at the Corner. Both of these songs were similar in that they were different than the rest. They both contained meaningfull lyrics. I’ve always felt Anthony Kiedis’ lyrics could have been chosen at random in a dictionary, but these two songs tell as story unlike anything he’s written since Under the Bridge. Overall this album ranks high in my iTunes Library (am I the only one who uses ratings in iTunes?). 

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  • rattsalad says:

    I listened to the first 1:30 of each track in iTunes. I know that’s not the “correct” way to listen to an album, but that’s very typical of my listening habits. Musical ADD. Look Around and Rain Dance Maggie are good, but my favorite track is Police Station. I imagined Flea wearing a shirt in this song.

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