Mushroom Kingdom, Safe Again

Today I beat, for the first time in my life, Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Best day ever.

Really though, that game is amazing. I thought it would just be nostalgic but it turned out to be legitimately fun. Something about breakin’ bricks, eatin’ mushrooms, and stompin’ goombas makes for a really satisfying game. It’s really cool how there’s so many hidden surprises in the game: 1-ups, warp pipes, vines. I decided not to use the secret warp zones (which allow you to skip Worlds) as I considered them cheating buuuuuut, I did use the “hold A, press start” trick which allows you to continue from the beginning of the world you died in. My hat goes of to anyone that can beat it otherwise. The only criticism I have about the game lies with the bosses. They are infinitely difficult when you are small but a joke when you are big. That goes for King Bowser too. If you’re Super Mario (big) you just run right through him, shrink down to little Mario, and jump on the switch. That was how I ended up beating Bowser. In fact I beat him as Fire Mario because 8-3 is IMPOSSIBLE without fire.

Check this video out. It’s the world record speed run. It’s kind of unbelievable.

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