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It’s the simple things that make a difference. How to sum a column of checkboxes. It seems like an easy enough task. Well, it is, I suppose, once you know how. Naturally, I thought I would just be able to use a simple sum function, but that returns an error. In a previous post I outlined how to use an if/then statement. A similar approach is needed if we are to sum a column (or row) of checkboxes, but beware; applying exactly the same principles will produce an error, or at least with my limited knowledge it did. The if/then statement we need to sum checkboxes reads like this: if a cell is true, then this, if it isn’t, then this. I was unable to write one all encompassing equation so I ended up writing it again and again and just summed all the statements together. If we have checkboxes from B1 to B3 and we wanted the sum of the checked boxes, it would look something like this:


Now if someone can leave a comment below as to how to go about writing a function that says “Sum B1 through B3 if they are true” I would be much appreciative.

***UPDATE: Well that was fast. Thanks goes out to Andrew Eller for providing the following function that more easily sums a range of checked boxes:


I’ve already replaced my tedious 30+ polynomial-esque function with this much more efficient way of summing checked boxes. Congratulations Andrew! You win…well, you have my respect.***

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