Legos Wanted

I have been thinking about buying a set of Legos for a long time now. When I was a kid I had a bucket full of them; not as many as some but enough to cover the table. I specifically remember having a Robin Hood set, a space robot set, and a pirate island set. I know I had others but can’t recall what they were. I’d build the set according to the instructions once, play with it, but then the pieces would be broken down and mixed up in the bucket adding to the collective building potential of my Lego stockpile. I grew up though, and one day I looked for my Legos and they were never to be found. To this day I do not know what happened to them. My friends say my mother probably gave them to Goodwill or something. One theory is that one of my many brothers or sisters has them and are letting their kids play with them while keeping me ignorant. Whatever the case may be, I don’t have any Legos. But Legos are expensive! It took me a childhood to build up the bucket sized collection that I had. A quick craigslist search only turned up a bunch of other people in my same situation – Legoless and wanting.

Are there any readers out there that are looking to let go of their Lego collection? Maybe my method is wrong. Any suggestions as to how I could score a bucket of Legos? Does anybody know the truth behind my Lego disappearance? Your comments are welcome below.

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