In-N-Out & Chili Peppers

Why In-N-Out offers chili peppers upon request is beyond me. At least now they come two at a time in a cute little packet. When I used to work there I had to stick my hand in a 3 gallon tub we kept in the refrigerator and throw them in a plastic ramekin. I don’t understand the connection between burgers and chili peppers. I understand it when they’re sliced and placed inside the burger (Burnin’ Love Burger at Red Robin), but as a side dish it makes no sense to me. That being said, I ate my Double Double with a side of chilies today. Spicy food is a phenomenon that eludes my understanding altogether. I don’t like the taste of spice (I’m talking about hot spice, not flavorful spice) but I eat it often. It has nothing to do with bringing out the flavor of the main dish as some would reason. And I know exactly why I do it. I feel I have to prove myself. Maybe I feel this way because my dad told me it would put hair on my chest. Maybe it’s because I feel more powerful than those that can’t withstand the heat. Whatever the reason, I can’t help but eat chili peppers when they are placed in front of me.

6 thoughts on “In-N-Out & Chili Peppers

  • Andrew Eller says:

    You worked at In N Out?

    Can you shed light on what the X, Y, and Z things mean on the receipt?
    I think one of them is extra, and maybe one is plain? And you can stack them too, right?

    • wetjosh says:

      X, Y and Z? I don’t remember seeing anything like that. I can say this: if you DON’T want something that normally comes on it, they will put the first letter of the thing after the burger (ex. “DBL DBL L” means no lettuce). You can also use “only” and “instead” modifiers but as I recall they were just spelled out. I can’t remember how they denote “extra”. Sorry, it’s been a long time, and I only ever order a Double Double Animal P. Maybe my father would know as he was a manager of store #2 in the 70’s. I’ll see if I can get him to post.

  • Andrew Eller says:

    Posting to check the notify box.

  • rattsalad says:

    I’ve never had peppers with my In-N-Out either. But I do like to add heat to some foods. I like eating jalapenos on nachos. And they are also good on salads (I know, sounds weird). I think as you get older you don’t taste flavors as well, so by adding peppers you at least get something, even if its a nasty something. That’s one possible explanation.

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