How to Delete a Myspace Account

I am in the unfortunate situation where the email address I used to create my myspace account is no longer in existence. One day, someone told me I sent them an email that looked like a virus and sure enough, my long abandoned Yahoo! account had been hacked, sending random emails with php links to contacts in my address book. I promptly changed the password and requested my Yahoo! email be deleted. Now I want to delete my myspace account. It’s the first thing that shows in a google search of my name and I’d rather it wasn’t. The problem is, in order to delete a myspace account it has to be verified via email, that’s right, the very email you used to create the account in the first place. As of 6 months ago (my most recent attempt to delete my myspace account), to my knowledge, there was no option 2. But I just looked today and there seems to have been some updates to the broken process. Here are the steps to delete your myspace account in the event you no longer have access to your original email:

  1. Log in to your myspace account and click “profile” in the navigation bar.
  2. Click “edit profile” on the right.
  3. In the “about me” section type the words “REMOVE PROFILE” in caps (to show that you’re yelling) and click save changes. You may be prompted to decipher a captcha.
  4. Now scroll to the bottom and click the “Help & FAQ’s” link beneath the “Get Help” column or just go to
  5. In the search field (not the “search people” field) type “contact myspace”, press return, and choose the article “contact myspace”.
  6. The ensuing page will say “We only offer email support, please click here to contact customer support”. Click the link and fill out the form stating that you have posted the words “REMOVE PROFILE” in the “about me” section of your profile. At this point my old email address (the one I don’t have access to) appeared at the top of the page. I was unable to change it so any response myspace tries to send will not reach me. I have to hope they will just go ahead and delete my account without confirmation. I’ll update this post with any progress.
  7. Lastly, and most importantly, click the button on the next page that says something to the effect of “yes I really want to send you this email and no your stupid FAQs aren’t helping me”.

That should be it. I hope this helps a great many people in deleting their elusive myspace accounts.

***UPDATE: I just checked this morning (the day after I posted this) and it appears my account has been deleted. At least when you click the link it says invalid friend ID. The fact that my name still appears with myspace next to it in a google search is a little disappointing though. That was kind of the whole point***

2 thoughts on “How to Delete a Myspace Account

  • Jeremy says:

    Somewhere out there Justin Timberlake sheds a tear.

  • i had the same prob says:

    If you would had just went to help then to my account then to delete my would had took yyou to a form to fill out where you would enter some info then you would attacted a photo of your url and urself… if all goes well you would. Had ur account deleted

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