Eye Balls

These are my eye balls. They are a good looking pair when you only consider the retina. My lenses on the other hand are a little misshapen (astigmatism). My optometrist asked me yesterday during my appointment if I would like to take high resolution photographs of my retinas for an additional $25. I asked her just how high the resolution was and if I’d be able to keep a copy for my own records (pleasure). She laughed and said she didn’t know but that she would definitely be able to email me the pictures. I agreed.

I find them quite interesting to look at; the big white optical nerve, the meandering blood vessels, the dark spot in the middle (I forgot the name, but it’s what gets damaged from staring at the sun she told me). I don’t know which is right and which is left, but isn’t it interesting that the veins take totally different paths? Anyway, if you are reading this and you are an eye ball doctor and you see something my doctor may have overlooked, it is you public responsibility to leave a comment after the break.

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