Deconstructing a Canon 28mm f/1.8 Lens

My buddy Jason (my cohost on No Format Podcast) and I decided to see if we could fix a busted lens last Sunday. Let me say at the beginning We Did Not Fix The Issue¬†but had a lot of fun tearing the lens apart. The story goes like this: Jason bought this lens on Craigslist years ago but never used it much. One day, after sitting in his closet for a long while, he pulled the lens out and noticed the autofocus acted screwy. It tries, and in some cases can, but normally does not achieve focus, instead it goes back and forth until it gives up. We watched some videos on YouTube, mustered up some courage, and told ourselves we (probably) couldn’t make it any worse. In the end, we were mostly right.

The only thing I will warn the curious reader is that after reassembly while the lens functioned exactly as before (image quality, inability to focus, etc.) the focus ring’s tension is not evenly distributed around the perimeter. It’s slight but I just want you to be informed of that before you attempt this on your own lens. I’m sure there’s a hundred other weird things that could happen as well. But it was fun to see how this lens looked on the inside ;)

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