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Ever since I got my new MacBook Pro with Retina display, Text Wrangler, my text editor of choice has hurt my eyes as it has not been updated to take advantage of the my new high resolution display. There aren’t a lot of text editors to choose from in the world of freebies but luckily there is one that solves my problem.

Brackets is an open-source code editor maintained by Adobe. It is built with the same languages it edits like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is retina display ready (or as Adobe calls it HiDPI) though as of now there is only one image that you can test that statement on (small lightning bolt on top right), the rest is pure text. The file handling is a little weird at first; creating a new file automatically saves it in the folder you’re working out of (I would naturally expect it to ask me where to save it). It has a neat trick where if you click on an HTML tag and press CMD-E it shows you the related CSS inline. Very handy.

Adobe also publishes a version of Brackets under the name Adobe Edge Code which has one extra feature that helps generate links to web fonts that Brackets does not. However, Brackets has a FAR superior icon, which for me, seals the deal. Mind you, both versions are still in beta.

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  • Joel says:

    Just finished downloading (I say that like I just finished reading a book, which for me and my slow-ass Internet connection take about the same amount of time) No Format Podcast Ep. 62 directing me to this blog. I’ve read the first few entries and wanted to say this is interesting stuff. I’ll be checking in regularly.

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