Best. Video Games. Ever.

I recently stumbled upon an epic website titled “The Best Video Games In The History of Humanity”. The author of this page undertook the noble responsibility of compiling 43 of the internet’s greatest video games lists and tallying them up in a cumulative list. What’s funny is I just found this website about a week ago, however as of now, the website has been shut down due to its hosting clients going out of business. At any rate, if it ever goes back online the URL isĀ As for how I obtained the overall scores, google cached a version of it for me since I had been there before. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was chosen by the interwebs as the greatest game ever conceived by human minds, and I completely agree. I agree so strongly that I decided to start playing it again on my Wii. Not being able to use the original N64 controller is somewhat of a drag but you adapt quickly. The graphics are a little dated (especially the character models and particularly the textures) but the game is such an epic quest that you rarely notice it. The puzzles are just hard enough so that it makes you feel smart when you solve them and the story is a 10. Zelda shows up again in the list in position 4 with A Link to the Past. This was the SNES incarnation and was equally epic. I have beaten it twice in my life and plan on making it three very soon. Another all time favorite is GoldenEye in position 5. Five is about how many hours a day that game robbed from me during my high school days. Not only was it a beast of a game, it also happens to be my favorite Bond flick. “Shut the door Alec, there’s a draft…Alec?” Anyway, I emailed the author and informed him of his duty to keep his page on the world wide web for all to enjoy. In the mean time, here is a screen cap of the results:

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