At least that’s what I call it when I take pictures through my makeshift telescope with my iPhone. At first I thought the photos were kind of laughable. But then I showed them to a friend and he reacted a bit differently. He thought they had an artistic quality to them – highly flawed from a scientific standpoint for sure, but physically intriguing too. I used very cheap lenses to construct the “telescope” (it’s less than a spyglass at only ~9cm in length) so the spherical and chomatic aberrations are very pronounced. Only the very center stays in focus which gives the image an eerie, dreamlike characteristic. While the little scope achieves a 7.6x magnification, it can’t resolve objects any better than the naked eye. So basically if you look at the moon through the scope with one eye, then open the other eye so that you place both images on top of each other, it is clear that the image through the scope is much bigger. Even so, no additional detail is resolved. You may as well look without the scope (I tested this with a sentence I had never seen before written on a sheet of paper. I could begin to read the sentence with the scope and without the scope at the same distance). It’s like a digital zoom on a camera; you may as well enlarge the photo in post. Anyway, here are a few of the picutures I took through it.

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