Comcast is now $80 per month lighter. AND I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. It pained me to pay that bill each month; the principle hurt more than the cost. Now I’m free. I still pay Comcast for internet, but it was less than half the bill at $55. To at insult to injury, Comcast informed me that my internet bill would go up if I cancelled my television. I was paying for the internet service two steps above basic and decided to take it down a notch so as to keep the bill down. The thing is, I’ve noticed it doesn’t really matter how fast your internet is (to an extent), it really just depends on when you’re using it. Trying to stream a video from iTunes at 6:00 in the evening won’t be a pleasant experience no matter how fast your internet is.

So what did I do to replace the lack of programming on my 46-inch? First off, I have an Apple TV that streams movies and TV shows from iTunes. They can be kind of expensive but I only rent new movies and episodes that I can’t get anywhere else. I also have an XBOX. This is a great media center for anyone wondering, and the latest update really cleaned up the interface. I can buy and rent TV shows and movies from the Zune Marketplace (in uncompressed 1080p ~10GB files) but more so, I use it to stream Netflix and Hulu Plus. They each cost a measly $8 per month and while Netflix’ selection is a tad limited, Hulu offers about 90 percent of what I watched on cable. Oh, but factor in the yearly fee of $60 for an XBOX LIVE account and my bill has skyrocketed to a whopping $19 per month. But it gets better! Today I swung buy the local Radio Shack and picked up a bunny-ears-style antenna for $12. I hooked it up to my TV, fiddled around a bit with the placement of it, and before I knew it, I was watching Monday Night Football in 720p via FREE airwaves!!!

Conclusion: Comcast is a RIP-OFF. Cut the cable. You won’t miss it. Never look back. Tell me I’m wrong.

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