A New Beginning

Four years ago to the day I took the last photo I would ever take with my Digital SLR. It was a Canon Rebel XTi, little did I know, not a week later it would be stolen from my car along with my XBOX 360 as a “welcome back” surprise from the city of San Jose. I decided to let it be a turning point in my life. I became bitter towards photography. I enjoyed knowing a lot about it while not owning a camera of my own. I relished, devilishly, in the understanding I had of photography and held it against those that knew less than myself. I would shoot the occasional picture with a friend’s camera, but nothing was ever expected of me and I liked that. Well today I swallow my pride. With the arrival of a pretty, new, 18 MP Canon 60D at my doorstep, a new era begins as I fully embrace photography for the second time. It was the science that drew me into it. Optics was easily my favorite thing to learn about in college and photography is 100 percent optics. Combine that with my love for Astronomy and my recent telescope building hobby and it forms a dangerous interest of mine. I leave this post with the last picture I took with my XTi (Image No. 4255 “Danielle and Potato Masher”) and the first light my new 60D saw just hours ago today (Image No. 0001 “A Casio Affair”).

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