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I bought a 50mm lens with my camera partly because I didn’t have enough money for anything else and partly because I wanted to try to force some creativity into my photos and focus on composition by not using a zoom lens. Well, it turns out, when put in this situation, I find other ways to get creative.

All I seem to shoot are photos of really far away things or photos of really small things close up. You see, I have a telescope and it just so happens that the sky is clear and the moon looks spectacular. A T-ring and adapter cost me $60 (I bought mine at the local Orion so I could try it out first). Then I found out if you mount your lens backward on your camera it converts into a macro lens. There are lots of pretty flowers begging for attention on Bonham’s walk. A reverse mount adapter set me back 6 bucks.

A friend told me before I create a flickr account I should check out 500px.com. I suggest you do the same. It’s managed a bit different than flickr as you can only upload 10 photos a week but that just makes you a little more judicious when uploading. Check out my gallery here!

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