1Password Replacement Icon

Love 1Password but hate the ugly Mac icon circa 2006? Use one of the images from inside the iPhone app!

  1. Download 1Password for iPhone/iPad to iTunes on your computer
  2. Once downloaded, control-click on it in your library and choose Show in Finder
  3. Option drag the .ipa file to your desktop so as to not ruin the original
  4. Change the file extension from .ipa to .zip
  5. Open the zip file, open the extracted folder, open the payload folder
  6. Control-click the .app file and choose Show Package Contents
  7. Find a cool looking icon. I prefer the one called “door-lock-error-0@2x~ipad.png”
  8. Drag the image file to Preview
  9. Select all and copy
  10. Find 1Password in the Applications folder in the Finder, click it and Get Info
  11. Click the icon in the ensuing window and paste

You can also find the icon used for the iPhone app online. For some reason the icon app inside the app has a gradient behind it that you’d have to photoshop out if you wanted to use it. I like the image I mentioned above better though.

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